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Trissen children’s toadstool & table


Nanna Ditzel designed her Trissen or “Toadstool” tables in 1962 and has said they were inspired by the restlessness of children: “Children never sit still for two minutes, they get up, stand on the chair and subsequently it tips over.”
To accommodate that, the toadstool chair can be rolled, placed on either end or stacked; it can also be used as either a stool or a table.

Reminiscent of an oversized cotton reel, these beautiful tables add instant warmth and wit to any modern child’s interior.

These work brilliantly as bedside tables for children or as nursery tables, next to modernist wooden rockers.

Available in a variety of sizes as stools or tables, in oak, beech, ash and smoked ash and many different colours.

Originally produced in Oregon pine by Kold’s Savværk, Kerteminde

The Child Trisse ND 102
Ø: 32 cm
H: 28 cm

The Adult Trisse ND 103

Ø: 40 cm
H: 35 cm

The Café Trisse ND 105
Ø: 40 cm
H: 44 cm

Is made in light beech, oak, ash and stained in the Nanna Ditzel color range.

Trissen Tables

ND 110
Oak with Corian plate

Ø: 55 cm
H: 42 cm

ND 104
Ø: 68 cm
H: 48 cm

ND 112
Ø: 75 cm
H: 48 cm

ND 114
Oak, Oiled
Ø: 90 cm
H: 48 cm

ND 106
Ø: 68 cm
H: 72 cm

Woods and finishes

oak, oiled oak, beech, ash, smoked ash, oregon pine, Oak with Corian plate, Walnut


natural wood, black, yellow, pink, orange, lilla, lime


The Child Trisse ND 102, The Adult Trisse ND 103, The Café Trisse ND 105, ND 110, Table ND 104, Table ND 112, Table ND 114, Table ND 106