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Onkel Sofa


Seater: 2 or 3 Seaters
Fabric: Sørensen Leather | Gabriel – Fame Textile
Frame: Lacquered Ash Wood

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Dialogue Between Craftsmanship and Industry
Onkel (the Danish word for Uncle) is a sofa that combines the simplicity of modern forms with the soft curves of the olden days. The outer shell of the sofa has a firm expression, while the cushions are comfortable and inviting.

The Onkel sofa consists of a frame with cushions upholstered in either durable furniture textile or soft leather. The inspiration for the cushions derives from the more bombastic upholstered sofas typical of the pre-1950s era. The back cushion has been elegantly encapsulated in the frame to accentuate the union of two very different modes of expression. The materials used for the shell and cushions have been kept in the same color and there is a lacquered frame in a matching shade. This gives simplicity to the design and makes Onkel stand as a unified whole.

Simon Legald explains: “As a designer, I am curious about how the materials work together with the idea. Onkel is a sofa that was designed in a dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. In creating Onkel, I have revived old craftsmanship techniques and used them in a new context. In doing this, the details add character to the design.”

Design: Simon Legald

Filling: Foam
Height: 87 cm
Lenght: 185 cm (2 seaters) – 235 cm (3 seaters)
Depth: 80 cm
Seat height: 42 cm


Leather, Gabriel – Fame Textile light grey


2 seaters, 3 seaters